How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!

I will present you simple blogging techniques and strategies – including Domain Name and Host Search, using cPanel and FTP – to Start A Blog From Scratch.

Although, the real question is not “How Can I Make A Blog?”, but How You Can Make Your Blog. Start making your well-functioning blog even from scratch, just now!


How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch! - Thoughts in the Library, how to be a blogger.My name is Gyula Oláh. Basically, I am an electrical engineer by my profession. Blogging is one of my favorite activities. Fortunately, I have been given the chance to learn a lot about it during my career. Nonetheless, to be honest, I’m still learning because of the ever-changing inventions. I’d like to share my ideas with you and present some of the current simple blogging techniques and strategies. This is why I’ve decided to become your guide during this mini-course, if you are interested. I’m trying to do my best for you, I’ll promise.
You are possibly here to learn about the quickest and most comfortable way to make your blog, aren’t you? With affordable costs of course. Even without costs…In fact, you will not be able to avoid some “environmental factors” which are really compulsory things to run your blog or site. So, be prepared!

I do not want to write too much about the necessary tools now. However, I have to mention some of them which belong to the “must” category. If you have enough time to cope with these theories, you will find complete “how-to”-s on my site about these tools.

In order to accomplish our job as fast as possible, I would like to present you simple blogging techniques and strategies to create a “flesh-and-blood” blog from the very moment of the basic idea’s appearance – through domain name search, registration, opening a hosting account, establishing a reliable FTP connection, installing the appropriate software – to its realization, and last but not least: operation.

OK. Let’s get started! You will find several sections on my site. Read them through carefully to learn everything please.

1. Domain name search and registration: You may not run your blog or site without a personal “address”!

You need a personal address to run your blog like one for your house - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!This address is a so-called Domain Name on the Internet. So, first of all what you have to do is to register one at a registrar company, if you haven’t done it yet. It is a very easy process, and costs only $8 – $15 (it is depending on the kind of the available or chosen extension – .com, .org, .us, .info, .net, etc. and the demand and supply of the market as well) per annum. It is an affordable amount I think so. The .com extension is the best solution because it is the most common and useful for almost every purpose, not to mention the real fact that this is the best accepted one worldwide. The price of the .com extension is a bit higher than the .info, .biz or other ones. In order to obtain the most convenient offer check these prices at the chosen registrar companies first.

How to choose the best domain name? You should make a keyword-search using some SEO techniques before doing anything. If you want to know more, please visit my for only this purpose created site: SEO Service Guide – Search Engine Optimization Basics.

2. Domain Host: If you have your domain you have to find a Hosting Company, so called Web Hosting Service.

Hostgator Web Hosting Service - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!Either you are planning to build your own site, or you have other intentions, you have to find such a company.

What is this company good for? It provides the necessary space – the “healthy environment” – and accessibility for your site. If you contract with a company, you have to insist on getting the following: 0-24h FTP connection (in order to reach your site any time you want to), unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail-creating opportunity, MySql database creating opportunity (various). It is very good if they can provide a cPanel ( Control Panel ) for you. Using this dashboard, you can find all the necessary tools that are important to build a site almost at once. I suggest you choosing, because personally I am very satisfied with their work, and the provided customer service as well. If you visit the site and plan to make a subscription with them, you can use my coupon code “IMAKEABLOG“, and you will get $9.94 instant off (only 1cent will be the bill for the first month) from the price of their Baby package. If you choose IMAKEABLOGSITE it could mean 25% OFF from the price. Which one is better? It is depending on the term you want your domain to be hosted, so it is your choice.

Put Some Humor Into Your Content, Sample - Beware Of The Dog - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!3. You are ready to build your blog site now.

This is a crucial point: You have to decide what your aims are. Do you want to sell products? Or do you want simply to share your opinion with the whole world? One thing is sure: you have to make relevant content, which fits to your conception. A real, somehow interesting, by human readable content. But, as a good advice, I’d suggest you writing a high quality one, because your personality will surely come out of your work. Take a piece of paper and write your ideas down. Choose the best of them and build a “body” around it, make a story from it. Put some humor in it and you are almost ready.

4. If you have your aims and your content you have to create a plan

What kind of plan should it be? How many pages do you want to insert into your main page? Is only one enough as a sales page, or a squeeze page? Have you got more products or services? Or, are you curious what other people say about your content, opinion and comments they write? In one word: you have to design your future, even if you are not able to see and predict everything in the forthcoming time.

5. But let’s turn back to our main topic

How can I make a blog - I do want my new blog - Start A Blog From Scratch!One thing is clear: If you have a good blog software – like WordPress (it is not equal to!) -,you don’t need to have anything else. In this case, you don’t need to use site builders or any other tools except for WordPress (downloadable from WordPress is very well equipped: if you use it you will never need other reinforcements. Your knowledge, and the software together are eligible enough to make a brilliant blog, or even a web site. And, WordPress software has a very big, unbeatable advantage: downloading it, using it is TOTALLY FREE! There are many free add-ons – like plugins, themes – to help your work. You can find special task-oriented plug-ins as well, but these are not always free.
You may use another well-functioning software as well, but I would like to introduce only WordPress in my article first.

6. As I have already mentioned, you can build not only a blog, but a complete well-functioned website with WordPress blog software.

I will show you how to use both. Don’t be afraid of it, it is very simple.
If you have already had your domain and hosting company, you have to Log In your account, and examine your opportunities. Be convinced, which directories – usually will be visible from “outside” – contain the parameters of your site, the necessary numbers – IP, the “address” of your site -, what your password and external FTP UpLoader Program - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!LogIn parameters are, how you can use the site’s database structure (MySql database) in order to access your site using FTP. If you have collected all the required information, you can establish an FTP connection (I recommend Filezilla – by, this program is free of charge).

HostGator cPanel - QuickInstall Panel - Logo - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!Find your cPanel QuickInstall, or Fantastico section (if exists), choose WordPress installation, and use the name of the directory you have already designated for this purpose. It will look like this: But, be careful! If you search your site on the Internet, and type on the browser, you will arrive to the /public_html/ directory on the server’s side (FTP). However, both are the same, it can be a bit confusing sometimes.HostGator cPanel - FantasticoDeLuxe Panel - Logo

HostGator cPanel - MySql Database Panel - Logo - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch! Creating a new WordPress Blog, you will automatically get a MySql database (check it within your cPanel, something like wp_xxx1) and a complete installed blog software. You only need to log in to your installed blog (e.g.: as a main site:; e.g. as a separated blog site: ), begin to customize it, and blogging. For more information, please feel free to visit How To Create A WordPress Blog section on this site, where you can find a self-made video about this installation process using cPanel and QuickInstall.

If you want to install WordPress manually, you have to use your FTP connection. Read the next paragraph, please.

7. Installing a WordPress blog using FTP connection.

It is a bit complicated mission, but not impossible. You will have to make more steps than using cPanel, and you have to pay attention to every step you will take. Be careful with the changes and double-check your data!
MySQL install parameters in wp-config.php file, excerpt - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!a. Visit and Download your software from It will be a .zip file certainly. Unpack it to a single empty directory on your hard drive, including all subdirectories, and keeping the original file structure.

b. Find and Edit the wp-config.php file. Basically, your wp-config.php file comes out as wp-config-sample.php. Rename this file to wp-config.php and begin to change some data inside. Open it using e.g. simply notepad (or you can use even Notepad++ or Dreamweaver also, it is up to you). You will need the following data to alter: Server name (usually “localhost”, the name of your database, your username and password. Change the secret Auth keys you find. As you can see you need to do some changes in this file (refer to the packaged readme.txt section). Don’t forget to save your file after finishing the changes.

c. Upload the entire directory (including all files and subdirectories) using FTP connection to your working directory what you have already assigned for this purpose:
– As a main site: home/public_html/ directory (that is;
– As a separated blog site: home/public_html/blog/ directory (that is

d. Open your browser (I highly suggest using FireFox) and Run your install.php file typing it in your command line: – As a main site:; – As a separated blog site: and follow the instructions. It will take approximately 5 minutes.

e. Log in your installed blog, for instance: – As a main site: (or; – As a blog site: (or, begin to customize it and blogging. Notice: it is not necessary to name the blog site to blog, it can be anything else (e.g. favourite-animals, my-birds, kitchen, etc.)! You may own as many blog sites as allowed by your host account.

My First Blog Site (WordPress) - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!8. So you are ready with Worpress blog software installation.

There is the point, where you have to decide how many static pages or blogs you want to create. Don’t forget, if your software is installed in your main (as it was mentioned: /public_html/ ) directory, you have created immediately your home site in this root! If the install directory differs from your root, you can find your files there. But, if you want to run your blog as a home site from the root, you can also do it easily in this case, too (you would need some extra settings). As a plus, you can even make a network using WordPress, but it would be a long story for today. If you are interested in this topic, just visit How To Create A WordPress Blog section at this site, or find more content on WordPress Forum ( site, Networking).9. Installing a blog without WordPress, but using a kind of Site Builder software.This section is for those, who want to install a non-wordpress blog, but own a kind of Site Builder software, and don’t want to open any accounts by other Blog Site Providers (see this last on the appropriate page here) for any reasons.
Using A Traditional Site-Builder - How can I make a Blog? Start a blog from scratch!This process will go through typically using your available or existing site-builder. Every site-builder has to be equipped with a function called “special Pages”, or “Create a Blog”, or something else. If you choose this option, you will obtain an another page accompanied with your site with no “page” rather than “blog” functions. In this picture on the right you can see an example how it looks (Parallel Plesk Site-builder), but it may vary depending on the brand of the site-builder (such as Joomla, Drupal, etc.)

What is the difference between a WordPress and a Non-Wordpress blog?

There can be big differences concerning handling . Let’s see some of them:

Creating Non-Wordpress Blogs:

When you build a page, you can determine its layout (how many rows and columns, colors, etc. like building a house from the ground to the roof). If you want a blog, the basic layout is given: Title, Blog description, Header banner, widgets (RSS Feed, Recent comments, Archive, etc.). You’ll get a simple blog function what is more than enough, if you want to make a blog only. I would like to emphasize that you’ll get not less and not more in most cases. Making a non-wordpress blog, using a kind of Site-Builder software is normally free, and takes only 1 minute to set up a ready-to-be-run new blog. This information is enough building a simple non-wordpress blog.

Creating WordPress Blogs:

Nowadays, if you want to create a blog or an entirely new site, you might want to choose WordPress. WordPress’s functionality is very complex: its explanation is definitely deserves more than a simple paragraph (like this one here). If you want to learn more about the process regarding to WordPress, just visit the page How To Create A WordPress Blog, on this site. I devoted more pages to this topic, such as a peg about the many applicable WordPress plugins (How To Use WordPress PlugIns page). Using these appropriate plugins, you can reach everything with your blog-site or site-blog. Most of the plugins are free – you can download them from -, but if you have a special requirement or wish, you have to purchase those external specialized plugins. Their cost usually isn’t a big money, but it can definitely be very useful and money-saving, if you really know what you want and get familiar with using them. You can also find I a single page about the Description Of WordPress Themes.

I hope I could help you in your work with these ideas, that is how to start a blog from scratch. Now, finally you deserve to enjoy your blog!

Gyula Oláh
electrical engineer
author, site owner