What are they and how to use WordPress Plugins?

WordPress is built on a file structure called CMS (Content Management System). It means the following (very simply): there are several standalone files with their own function and they are organized to a greater workable structure by other executive files. This theory of contruction eases to expand the basic software with applying various plugins. PlugIns are task-oriented, independent or co-operative complementary programs which are able to execute certain tasks within the main structure.
WordPress PlugIns will ease your work extremely: you only have to upload the appropriate plugin properly (supposing manual installation), then “introduce” it to WordPress install executive by simply activating the given plugin, and WordPress will take it into work for you. You can activate/deactivate the plugin at any time.

I have made three groups from WordPress Plugins. Let’s see them below.

A. Your WordPress software is “shipped” with the following plugins:

1. Akismet Anti-Spam software
By activating this software you will be prompted to give an API key in order to use it. Formerly you could claim this API from WordPress.com, but this opportunuty is over, so you have to open an account if you want to use this great software. It is not free anymore. I suggest using Disqus.com instead.

2. Hello Dolly
“This is not just a plugin, it symbolizes the hope and enthusiasm of an entire generation summed up in two words sung most famously by Louis Armstrong: Hello, Dolly. When activated you will randomly see a lyric from Hello, Dolly in the upper right of your admin screen on every page.”

3. Jetpack

Jetpack by WordPress - How To Use WordPress PluginsJetpack is a versatile plugin, because you are able to make connection with WordPress.com and can use some tools provided by them. For instance you can easily get a daily statistics from the traffic of your site. If you have more than 1 blog site (running under wordpress software!) and you were curious to know the number of your visitors, logging in to WordPress.com you are able to analyze every single site.
Other features: contact form handling, monitors and manages your site’s activity with Notifications in your Toolbar and on WordPress.com, spelling and grammar check, link shortening, etc. I have been using in on all my sites.
It has a new and very great feature: Jetpack is able to make connection with Social Bookmarking Sites as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Yahoo with only one click, and can put various buttons as a string on your posts or pages. As an additive feature, you will be able to assign Share buttons to your pages, posts or Media content. It is entirely up to your choice. Personally, I consider Jetpack the available most useful and powerful Free Plug-In.

4. WP Super Cache
From November 2012, WordPress software is basically equipped and shipped with this plugin. It is able to speed-up your blog by applying cache technology, that is it decreases the loading time of your pages and posts. You can set some accompanied parameters as Regular Purge period, files, the way of caching, and so on (refer to Users Guide). Normally it doesn’t cause problems, but if you are editing your blog, by my experiences it is suggested to disable for the period till your editing work lasts. Why? I as I have experienced, if you refresh the page during editing, you will get back only the cached, previous page(s) and post(s) as result, not the new, altered ones. You won’t be able to see the changes immediately, because WP cache delays it (1 hour as default, but you can change the settings if it woths your valuable time) and gives you back the cached content. If you don’t remember your changes, it can be confusing sometimes. So, I suggest you switching it off during editing, and on if you are completely ready with your work.

5. Language section – optional
If you downloaded your WordPress software from WordPress.org and you asked for different language package as English a language package was attached.

B. Not shipped as default, but FREE and useful plugins:


WP Ultimate TinyMCE

Contact Section:Ultimate TinyMCE Editor Logo - The Best For WordPress - How To Use WordPress PluginsEven if you want to create a simple blog you face the task: how to insert a simple picture? How to place an ad, a banner, how to change the colors, the size and the positions of the letters. In most cases you meet simple editors called basic WYSIWYG. With this editor you can do only basic things as using the only deafult letter( only!), bolding, italic characters, but you may not edit colors and change other parameters ( Arial, Verdanat, New Tmes Roman, etc. ), inserting a HTML box and much more. Using  – or installing as an add-on or plug-in – TinyMCE editor is a better way because you can find every functions inside. If you want to use it just click here and you can learn more about how to upgade your editor. You may find other pugins there too.

– contact-form-7
Easy-to-use Contact form for WordPress.

– really-simple-captcha
It is a really easy Captcha indeed. I am tired of (I think you too) finding out the blurry, unreadable letters. You will give 4, readable characters using this plugin. It is enough in most cases.

– loginradius-for-wordpress
This great plugin eases your and your visitors’ task: it is not necessary to fill in the Login-Form every time when somebody wants to enter the Members Area on your site. The visitor may log in simply using his/her Facebook account (perhaps you have seen this opportunity: Login with Facebook). You need to claim an API to run this plugin.

VectorGolds Vector Graphics - How To Use WordPress PluginsSocial Section:

– add-meta-tags
– meta-tag-manager
– meta-tags-optimatization
– contact-form-7
– seo-ultimate
– EZ-Seo-plugin
– all-in-one SEO plugin
– google-plus-widgets

Mobile Section:

– mobile-detector
– wordpress-mobile-pack

Other Tools:

– Duplicator
Duplicates your entire blog. It is an easy-to-use plugin. You can easily move – or migrate – your entire WodPress site content from one place to other, including the all files within the particular directory.

– Duplicate Posts Remover
It will search and find your duplicate pages and posts, so you can remove them with only one click.

– Easy Plugin and Theme Upgrades
Imagine your plugin is in at work and you want to – or: you should – upgrade it to a newer version. Formerly you had to deactivate it, upgade it and activate it. With or without data loss? Now it is very easy without data loss.

– eCommerce
Plugin for commercial purposes.

– Google Analytics by Yoast
This plugin is able to make direct connection with your current Google Analytics Account.

– Google Analyticator
This plugin is also able to make connection with your current Google Analytics Account. I don’t have to mention how useful it can be if you are able to examine your Analytics parameters on your site directly – on the DashBoard “Home” -, at once.

There are hundreds (unless thousands) of useful Free plugins in WordPress.org’s repository. Don’t hesitate to visit their site if you are interested.

C. Not FREE, Premium plugins for specific purposes


CMSCommander - The Blog Superviser, Logo - How To Use WordPress PluginsIf you run more WordPress, Joomla 1.5, Drupal, phpBB websites, you have got the possibility to control all of them from one place! It is great, believe me! However it is only in Beta Test phase, it works indeed. Imagine what a wonderful feeling to control all sites from one headquarter! Updating in one or more sites? It doesn’t matter anyway! Push the Update button and CMS Commander manages it! The current site limit is depending on your activity. Now you have been given the opportunity to connect up to 150+ different blog-sites in one time. CMSCommander can save you hundreds of working our because it will become unneeded to visit all sites to make e.g. an upgrade. While it is in version Beta, it is FREE. You can get a copy here.

WP Zon Builder

WPZonbuilder - WordPress Amazon Affiliate Plugin, Logo - How To Use WordPress PluginsAbout: “WP Zon Builder allows you to easily add hundreds of Amazon products to any WordPress installation in minutes. All aspects of your site can be controlled from the WordPress admin panel – meaning WP Zon Builder is very easy to use, even if you have no experience with WordPress.
The plugin integrates with the Amazon affiliate program, so you can get paid a commission whenever you refer a sale to Amazon.”
If you are interested in the features of this really great plugin and want to watch some demo videos about how it works, just click here please. If you want to buy it follow my link please and use this coupon: “wpzoncoupon30“. You will get 30% off the price (the plugin + Gazette Theme). The basic price is $99 currently.  Minus the discount.
WP Robot

WPRobot WordPress plugin Logo - How To Use WordPress PluginsWPRobot is a very powerful autoblogging plugin for WordPress weblogs. What are the main features of this plugin? It automatically post Youtube Videos, Amazon Products, eBay auctions, Clickbank ads, Yahoo Answers Q&A’s, EzineArticles articles, Flickr images, Yahoo News, RSS feeds, Commission Junction products, PRWeb Press Releases, Oodle Classifieds, Shopzilla Comparisons, Twitter tweets, Linkshare products, Eventful events, iTunes content, Yelp business reviews, ShareASale datafeeds, Avantlink products, PLR articles to your blog without lifting a finger. You can adjust the frequency of posting (post/hour), edit the appropriate templates, change i.e. the posting parameters. If you have more sites with WPRobots installed you can control them remotely without visiting the sites. There is a language support (10 languages), too. If you want to learn more about WPRobot, just click here.

Nowadays, you can find many other task-oriented WordPress Plugins on the Internet. Because they are extraordinary plugins you can find plugins designed for reaching special goals. These are in most cases commonly shipped with a Theme or software. Read carefully their User’s Guide before installing and applying them. 

I hope I could help you with this presentation about WordPress Plugins.

Thank you for reading!

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Disclaimer: the given list does not contain all of the plugins. I wanted to recommend some of them I considered to be useful. It is not compulsory to follow my list, the decision is yours. I will not take any responsibility if you misuse them, or any damage would occur due to inappropriate installing, using, or you are not able to reach your wished results applying them!