How To Make Money From A Blog?

It seems so, we arrived to the most challenging and profitable part of blogging: we will learn some ways to monetize our blog, and attempt to make some money from it.

Bank, Example - How To Make Money From A BlogWhether you are interested in earning some extra bucks or not, it is cruel fact, that – as the old saying says – “Money Makes The World Go Round”. Unfortunately, it is true. Until the money is accepted as a legal tender to acquire your desired products, and the tool of working out your dreams, till you want to earn money. And, on the top of all that, we would like to choose the easiest way to realize even more money with less work, wouldn’t we?

So, you are ready with your well-constructed blog. You have fulfilled it with unique, interesting and enjoyable content. YOur family, some of your friends, your neighborhood have been alarmed about your newborn creation, thus you will be able to realize a decent number of visitors. Your first intention was to write about something special, but – seeing the increasing traffic on your site -, will come the idea to make some money from it. Why not? You will begin to look for the easiest way to monetize your blog at once, because you are getting to feel yourself in hurry. I’d like to give you some tips to begin making money with your blog as soon as possible.

1. Advertising and selling your products, or running your own-created membership-based site.

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First of all, examine your given opportunities. If you own a product, or represent a company with good-converting products, the best way is trying to sell them. Choose an appropriate product, write an awesome review about its best feature, and highlight why it was adventageous for the custumers if they had one.
Just as an other way, if you would want to create a membership site. You can open e.g. a virtual hair-saloon, and begin to post to your members your weekly newsletter about the various new trends, presenting new hair-care techniques, even offering your – or your friends’ – offline services for some revenue in return. You can run it with or without any charge. If you will be able build up a huge, reliable reader-base, it is worth itself.

However, if you don’t want to bother with writing reviews or building membership-related sites – or you want to begin to make money immediately from your content, even besides the reviews -, than the next points of this page is definitely made for you!

2. The easiest way to make money with your blog: publishing Contextual ads.

What is the importance of placing ads?

Its importance is as follows: when users finish reading your newest post(s), they surely want to leave your blog, because they have nothing else to do on your site. If you have some free – I mean unused – places on your blog site, you would want to use them for advertising purpose. The placed ads give a chance for the visitors – and you – staying there and reading further, the ads for instance. When you provide free space for the ads, the chosen advertisement-provider will place relevant ads on your site. These ads will become relevant, because they will be chosen using your keywords found in your content text. So, your visitors might see advertisements relevant to them, and click on them to exit your blog. If somebody clicks on your published ads, you will earn some  – shared – money. This is the basic theory of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) advertising.

How To Make Money From A BlogHow much money can you earn using this way?

It depends on you ad-placement, and their quantity (there are rules to regulate it, so please refer to the appropriate guidelines). If you place your particular ads in the right places, your visitors will more like click on them, and your revenue will be higher.

What are rules how to place ads on your site or post?

One rule is common, if you read carefully the ad-providers’s Terms Of Service sections: it is not allowed to force or incentive your visitors for clicking. Their sophisticated, enhanced radar-system may easily recognize if this happens. If they find sucpicious activity on your site, your account will be suspended, and you can lose your obtained revenue, too. This is the main reason, why you should avoid using automatic traffic exchange services. It is not too healthy to publish ads on the same page from different providers as well, but it depends on the ad-provider. This is the main reason, why you don’t find advertisements from various sources on my page.

How to begin this kind of advertising the easiest way?

There many companies who are dealing with advertisement, and currently looking for publishers. Publisher is the marketer, who displays ads on her/his site(s), page(s) or blog post(s).

As a first chance, Google offers an excellent way to monetize your blog. It’s called AdSense. Why is this name? AdSense means, that Google will find out – using your content and keywords – what your was made site about. How to find AdSense? Simply visit, and open an account. You may use your existing @gmail account, too. If you want to learn more, read their Terms of Service.

Among the other providers, you can find e.g. It can serve very detailed advertisements using an innovative technology. For example, if you are writing a blog about something tech-related, Chitika will show tech-related advertisements, e.g. such as iPods. For showing the advertisements, they use different tabs: one for “Best deals”, another for “details”, and another again for “reviews”, and so on. Using this method, your ad section will be more of an informational section for your visitor, rather than a simple advertisement. So, the click-through rate can be higher, and your revenue may increase. You can apply here at, selecting the Publisher Option, if you want to show their ads on your site.
Just an another excellent advertiser is, if you see banners, entire page ads.

Inline advertising. For this purpose, you can apply, or, Inline advertising means, that they will use your keywords to display their ads. An example: If the mouse cursor is over the assigned text (hover), a new pop-up window will open and show you the accompanied ad.

Video advertising, banner, toolbar, contextual, inlink advertising altogether. The best example is However, they have very strict rules, and not anyone can be their representative (Publisher). They will visit you site, and check it out. The will examine your traffic, your history, and after analyzing these facts, they will decide to give you the codes.

How to place an advertisement on your site?

Always consult the provider’s appropriate support page. If you see for instance Google, you will be provided with a a so-called “heat map”, what you can apply on your blog. The “hotter” a certain area is, the greater are the chances that someone will find an interesting and attractive ad on your site or page, blog.

3. Affiliate programs, CPA (Cost-Per-Action) advertising.

This kind of advertising program is mostly based on CPA offers. CPA (Cost-Per-Action) means, if someone clicks on the offer, and following the placed link orders the particular product, you will get revenue. So, it is not enough only to click on your link, but the visitor has to take action. You can find various services, products at the back-end

First, I’d like mention It is only a five-minute-work to become their affiliate – as they call: Associate. Amazon is one of the biggest on-line marketplaces, and offers a wide range of products from A-Z, but its dominance is in books. Whatever your niche is about, you definitaly will find a book about it on You can join their Associate programme, if you open an account at an especially for this case assigned address as Once you join them and your application is accepted, you can refer visitors to them and earn up to 10% commission. However it doesn’t seems to be a big deal first, but if you can manage to refer big volumes of visitors, Amazon is definitely for you. Amazon will provide you banners, links, widgets, predefined templates or a separated aStore as well. You need only to pick up some targeted products, place the the appropriate links on your site, and you are ready. Amazon is able to provide you not only hand-picked, but keyword-targeted ads, too.

There are many other ways for monetizing as,,,, One thing is common: First you have to open an account with your username, e-mail and password, and you will get the opportunity to choose from the offered products, services on the appropriate Marketplace. The approvement process will take only some minutes.

There are other companies who are offering CPA – for example: -, but it is very difficult to be approved because of the requirements. Some definitely don’t accept International applicants (due to supposed language difficulties, or other aspects), some will accept only invited – or, recommended by existing members – publishers. But, you should try to apply for being a publisher. If you don’t try, you will never be able to participate in any.

I hope I could help you with presenting some ways how to make money from a blog.

I wish you good luck!

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