How to be a Blogger?

First, what does it mean “Blogger” in the reality?

How to be a blogger - You need to have some ideas, knowledge and imagination like an artist to make a successful blog. Don't forget about some graphics as well. Is the Blogger a Person who creates and runs a blog or weblog in order to share his/her opinion?

I think the answer is Yes, because the blog (web log) is a special kind of site with information and discussion content, written to express emotions, opinions, widespread knowledge, announce news. It is the “mirror” of your opinion and contains your own personality. Most blogs – the quality ones – are interactive and allow visitors to leave comment offering an open area for evolving a “private” forum. Because of this fact it seems that blogging becomes a kind of social networking where bloggers do not only create their own content but – being involved in the common activity – may build social contacts with the other fellow bloggers and the audience (readers).
Formerly, you would have had to know more technical details about creating a blog, because the of the level of the technological development. I mean, it was more complicated to write and attach a new content to your existing site because everything was static: consequently uploading and inserting a new content upload required new programming and new publishing of the entire site. Nowadays, if you had already found the appropriate topic and written your content, it is very easy to “upload” and integrate it into your existing site structure, not to mention that changing the content of a blog from technical aspect is very simple as well.

Why is it better to run a blog than using a static website with relatively permanent content?

Blog has a very special feature: the ability for quick changing. Unlike a static site, you are able to change its content or add a new one within a minute. New content means new topic, so you can gain more “Likes” from Search Engines and from your readers as well so you can increase your search results easily. If you examine a static website, it is more difficult to change the content. You can do it of course, but in this case you are forced to re-write and re-check almost the entire content even if you want to insert only a couple of lines into it.
From technical aspect, it seems easier to set up a blog or blog-site from scratch – especially a WordPress-based one -, because you don’t have to write difficult and time-consuming scripts in order to design a static website.

Honestly, here is the point where you should decide which way to choose: You’ll create a Blog, a Blog-site, or a Static Web-site*.

*the difference among blog, blog-site and web-site in my terminology is as follows:
blog is an “add-on” when you create it accompanied with your existing domain, or you create one using a Blog Site Provider (see Part 3). Its basic feature is a dynamic behaviour.
blog-site is an independent domain applying for blogging purposes, I mean it consists of blog pages and posts. It is dynamic, too.
web-site is an independent domain containing static pages. You can make as many blogs building on it later, of course. But it is basically static.

However it doesn’t matter what kind of site you choose in order to build from the eye-point of the necessary knowledge to create it. This knowledge is very important and can be (will!) very useful in the future. Why? Because there are typical common features of them you should know.So, continue reading if you are interested, please.In the previous chapter “Start A Blog From Scratch” you could learn how to make a blog in its physical reality. So you are a proud owner of a self-made blog now, but you are still facing the question: how to be a blogger? What is the next step?

The next step is – in order to begin your work immediately – to be aware of the useful ideas you want to announce. Till now, if I am not mistaken, You have gained the ability and you know how to customize your blog, change the themes, choose the appropriate widgets, create menus, insert media (pictures, audio, video), so you have nothing to do with these topics.

Or, even so did it worth a little revision about the “how-to”-s?

If yes, let’s begin it.

The content below has been made of supposing a WordPress software based blog. If you don’t want to read it, just skip this part.

Making Pages:

Page is good for a static content like a site. It has a constant permalink, like: Another site about the dogs: Pages appear like different content-holders on your site, so you can add more topics to your site within the actual site. You can enable or disable comments to the blog pages, it is up to you.

Note: substitute with the address and name of your site.

Making Posts:

Wordpress Blog Dashboard - Sidebar, Menu Structure - How To Be A BloggerPosts are the essence of blogging, this is what the whole story is about. If you write a post and publish it, you can decide ( like at the pages ) how its permalink appears. You can choose which one fits you the best. I suggest using the posts name. Suppose you want to write a couple of lines about cats. You have had your page from cats, but you want to report something new in connection with your cat topic. You can either write it directly onto your page – extended it with this new topic – or write a blog post with the news and make a reference-link to your main page that this new topic would belong to there. What will happen in the first case and the second case?

1. Your permalink will not change, so your previous readers will not able to know about the news. This is not good for you because if you want to pay their attention to the newer content you have to do it personally or choosing an other way.

2. Your permalink will change and appears as a new content. If your costumers/subscribers use your RSS link, they will be alerted immediately about the changes. Don’t forget to use Categories on your site in order to describe your content (cats, not dog). Using this method good from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect as well because the search engines love the fresh content.

Making Menu:

You can make a special delicious mix from your pages, categories. Customizing the Menus is a very useful tool and eases the navigation.


Category: A sort of topic with common features you write about. For example: cats, dogs, mice, how to make a blog, blogging techniques, etc. Use them in order to separate your content by their relevance. As an awesome feature, Google loves to index Categories.


Widgets are containers. They can include different things like Diary, Recent Posts, RSS Feed, and so more. It depends on the actual WordPress theme how many and what kind of widgets have been given to work with. Please take care with their contents – especially when placing links -, because Google also will examine and may index (or reject) the content within.


Sidebar is the area where your widgets will take place. They are theme-dependents like the widgets, but you can design them yourself if you are familiar with programming. In other cases, accept the supplied solution and set your content according to the given chances.


You can upload pictures ( 2 ways: traditional – like browse your computer and upload the file; enhanced – simply drag and drop the picture to its appropriate place ), create audio player, include .mp3 files. You can install own video player as well – however, I’d suggest using YouTube embedded links at the beginning. Video blogging can be the way of the future – by too -, so you have to be prepared to this.

Accessories, opportunities:

You can find many plugins for WordPress. Applying these you will be able to open even an own store for Amazon products, or promote different prosperous affiliate programs.It was only the blog itself. You have got now a tiny blog. There is the next important and sometimes difficult step: Very vital thing is the ability of some HTML coding in order to change your content time-time by yourself, inserting keywords to target your audience.

Why are HTML knowledge and programming HTML both considered to so important for a blogger?

They do have significance because every single word you write counts from many aspects.
First it has to be readable for the reader. If you apply colors, heading, bolding, italics various letter-types the content will seem to be more relevant and acceptable. Search engines may also recognize the differences among the words. They like if you use their methods and so in return you can get higher ranking. Do you want to know how a search engine works? Please read my little article on my blog. Back to the topic, HTML coding is not only useful but a must-have category. It is not so difficult, anyone can learn it within a short period of time.

The next step: You need knowledge how to advertise, and provide quality content and service that your visitors will remember. It is a relatively difficult thing because of its time-consuming feature. You have to do research and probe the market from time-to-time. But being aware of your aims you can decide which market can be appropriate in order to reach your goals. What does it mean? See the next paragraph, please.

How to begin blogging and overtake the competitors?

Read my ideas below:How to overtake your competitors - Try to watch yourself as if you were an outsider - How To Be A BloggerThere are many blogging sites around the world with the same or plus knowledge you have. Simply to sum up they are your competitors. Sometimes they have a specialized stuff behind the stunts and you have to struggle against this “enemy alliance”. So what will remain for you at the very beginning?

The way to discover an ideal model for your blogging web site: look at the sites that have already successfully captured a blogging audience. If you want to overtake your competition and make your blogging web site stand out from the mass, you will need to offer something that no other site does currently do, or you will need to do the same thing that an already popular and reputed site does but in a more effective, impressive or valuable way. To copy them? Why not? Examine the methods, the tools they use, the way they have reached and are reaching their success currently.

Don’t be disappointed, you have a great “gun” in your hands: your personality! Consider how you can give your site a unique and attractive feeling by lending your own voice and sensibility to your site’s design and content. You will also need to add a unique flair to your project. Your great content and personal voice will keep the visitors coming back, but it is vital to get that at first glance or your site won’t have a chance to shine.

It will take time, of course. I wouldn’t speak about a little time. Not to mention the necessary “ingredients” like a crumb of money, patience from your side an from the other side (just think of your relatives: what they are doing during the time you are writing your next blog?). Never be upset even if you are a bit overwhelmed.

My final advice is as follows: never give it up! Finally the question again: how to be a Blogger? Be sure, You are on the right way!

Best Luck in Blogging!

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P.S.: Recently I heard a beautiful phrase about blogging and  I would like to share it with you:
“If writing is an art, then, blogging is one way of using words to come up with an art. This is because people who are into blogging are the ones who are artistic on their own sense, carefully choosing words that would best describe their feelings, sentiments, wishes, desires, and everything.”