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Single Page Applications with jQuery or Angular JS

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Tutorials: Single Page Applications with jQuery or Angular JS

Developers, want to translate your MVC .NET skills to the web platform? Take advantage of jQuery and AngularJS to dynamically update HTML5-based apps, and learn how AJAX works for asynchronous calls. Simplify the development process by separating the model, view, and controller for your web apps, enabling your content to work within a browser and within Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 apps.

Watch popular presenters Stacey Mulcahy and Dave Voyles, in our third Web Wednesdays event, for an exploration of single page apps and a look at Visual Studio and Internet Explorer tools to add structure to your projects. See in-depth demos on debugging, and learn how to deploy your apps to Azure. Get the real-world examples you need to get started in jQuery and AngularJS.

Single Page Application with ASP.NET and AngularJS

Mixing Data And Templates Using A Single ng-repeat In AngularJS


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