Description Of WordPress Themes – Their Structure, Ways And Hints How To Use Them

Themes have great influence to your visitors. If you want to ravish your visitors, attract forthcoming subscribers to your blog, furthermore, you want to persuade them to return again and again, you have to make good impression at the first sight.

What is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress Theme is not more and not less than a well-designed, pre-built template with – or without – pictures and visible, or invisible tables, headline(s), widgets which can boost or weaken the force of your main topic. So, its role can be very important.

What are the main features of WordPress Themes?

WordPress Dashboard - Sidebar, Example - Description Of WordPress ThemesTheir important features  – concisely – are as follows (see the sample screenshot on the right):

  • Number of Widgets*
  • The opportunity of creating Menus
  • Theme Options (if any)
  • Header (if any)
  • Background
  • Editor

If you install a new Theme, or you want simply to customize your existing one, these are the most important things you have to be familiar with. Let’s see them in details:

*Widgets: they are usually serving the following functions (provided by WordPress as default):
– Archives
– Calendar
– Categories
– Custom Menu
– Links
– Meta (Site Admin, Log In, Entries RSS, Comments RSS,
– Pages
– Recent Comments
– Recent Posts
– Search
– Tag Cloud
– Text
– Tag Cloud
– Twenty Eleven Ephemera

Sidebars: Main Sidebar / Showcase Sidebar (if exists) / Footer Sidebar (3 Areas)

How can you change the appearance of your site to its advantage just by changing its theme?

There are thousands of WordPress Themes available online and you can learn you how to download, unzip and activate them easily. Some are without any charge, some are with charge. basically delivers three Themes in order to ease your work, and to begin with:

1. Twenty Ten:

Twenty Ten, Default WordPress Blog Theme - Description Of WordPress Themes

2. Twenty Eleven:

Twenty Eleven, Default WordPress Blog Theme - Description Of WordPress Themes

3. Twenty Twelve

Twenty Twelve, Default WordPress Blog Theme - Description Of WordPress Themes

4. Twenty Thirteen

Twenty Thirteen, Default WordPress Blog Theme - Description Of WordPress Themes

Twenty Fourteen

Twenty Fourteen, Default WordPress Blog Theme - Description Of WordPress Themes

Twenty Fifteen

Twenty Fifteen, Default WordPress Blog Theme - Description Of WordPress Themes
You can find more Themes if you visit Look for and take care of the features I described above before selecting one.

Other WordPress compatible Premium Themes:

You can find so-called premium Themes as well. They were designed to be eligible to fulfill special requirements, i.e. Landing Page, Squeeze Page, Introductory Page. They differ in Appearance, number of the Widgets, Options, Custom Menus, aso.
I’ll show you some of them only to examine the difference:

1. Elegant, well customized Niche Themes:

Generic1-Wordpress Theme To Make BlogGeneric2-Worpdress Them To Make BlogGeneric3

Generic5-Wordpress Theme To Make BlogGeneric6-Wordpress Theme To Make BlogGeneric7-Wordpress Theme To Make Blog

This author has 50 different themes in order to fulfill the requirements of almast all niches. The Generic Theme supports widgets and you an create custom menus as many as you want. You can find the similar widget-structure as the official WordPress themes. You can insert AdSense ads, affiliate links or almost anything you want.

Other Niche Themes:

Abstract2-WordPress Theme To Make BlogCactusWithBlue-WordPress Theme To Make BlogHeadPhones2-WordPress Theme To Make Blog

LettuceField2-WordPress Theme To Make BlogMars2-WordPress Theme To Make BlogMars3-WordPress Theme To Make Blog

Marsb2-WordPress Theme To Make BlogRedFlowers2-WordPress Theme To Make BlogSexyBelly2-WordPress Theme To Make Blog

Tulips2-WordPress Theme To Make Blog  You can find 10 different Themes in this collection.

The widgets are similar to the WordPress default ones. It means, that if you are familiar with using the basic Themes, you will not face with any additional issues.

You might say: it is all right! But, how much does it cost? I can’t tell you an averige price, because it is depending on the quality, the functionality, and the purpose of the Theme.  But imagine: if you decided to design such a Theme, how much would it cost to you? Don’t forget about the working hours, the experiments, the struggle, the tests…
Unless you are a super fast in-24-hours-dealing-with-only-this-topic tech-savvy, it would cost more than a price of one or more Themes, I suppose. The average price is depending on the Theme and its function itself, but usually from $5 to $100 per piece.
I know this fact from my previous experience. I have re-designed several Themes in order to be appropriate for my purposes, and it lasted a lot of time!

2. Product Specific Premium Niche Themes:

These Themes are specific ones, because they belong generally to a product or service and they were developed in order to fulfill these unique requirements. I’ll mention some of them, but if you want to use this kind of theme you have to be prepared that you will be able to get if if you buy i.e. a plugin with it. Or vice versa.

Why do I want to introduce these Themes? Because I consider this knowledge to be useful and I would like you to know about this side of the Market as well. After this if you meet some of them you will know immediately what it is all about.

Gazette Theme:

Gazette WordPress Theme To Make A Blog

These Themes were designed and made by WooThemes. They are well-designed, follow  and meet a very high quality standard. It is definitely not the cheepest price category (Standard Package + 2 Bonus Themes cost $70, other packages and membership from $125 + Club Membership $20/month if you want to be subscribed). If you are or you would become a developer, it would worth. You decide. For other information or if you want simply to see the products, just click on the right >>>

The Gazette Theme is very popular among those marketers who want to deal with promoting products. The Theme is well customazible itself, and – if you use the appropriate plugin, WP Zonbuilder – very easy to set up.  If you are interested in how to use this plugin, just go to my How To Use WordPress Plugins page, and you can watch a video about it.

The Gazette Theme is shown on WP Zone Builder Site as a demo. Don’t forget that this Theme is included in the price of the WP Zonbuilder plugin. If you liked it and decided to buy, follow my link please and use this coupon: “wpzoncoupon30“. You will get 30% off the price (the plugin + Gazette Theme). The basic price is $99 currently. Minus the discount.

You will find other WOOThemes Themes if you visit their site clicking on the banner on the right.

Other Premium Themes – some of the Themes I am using (examples): - Cat Training Site, Maxway Theme, Example - Description Of WordPress Themes<<< My Cat Training, Health And Care site is built on MaxWay Theme (on the left).

Squash, Tennis Sports video sites are built on Covert Video Press Theme (below):

Covert VideoPress Theme, SQUASH To Watch Video Site, Example - Description Of WordPress Themes

Covert PinPress Theme - Description Of WordPress Themes

Your Article Site Of Self Improvement And Do-It-Yourself site is based on Covert ArticlePress Theme (below):

Covert SocialPress Theme, Example - Description Of WordPress Themes

If you want simply to visit these sites, just click on the appropriate, assigned link.
Furthermore, if you like these themes and want to grab any from them, just click on the screenshots. Their prices are very affordable ones, and the offered service is also excellent.

Squeeze Pages, Opt-In Pages, Sales Pages, video and Mobile Pages

I would like to introduce some of them for you because I would like you to know their existence and look. You can find in many of them in the market. You may purchase them, or you can design one instead buying any.

Instant WP Mobile TemplateWP squeezepage with video WP simple squeeze page

WP squeeze video pageWP squeeze video articleWP squeeze video theme

Where can you grab these Themes? Simply ask me, please.

That is all about Themes. I wanted to show you some products offered by the current Market. Which one to choose? It will be your choice.

Select the one, which fits to you the best!

Gyula Olah electrical engineer author, site owner
Gyula Olah
electrical engineer
author, site owner