Blog Site Providers – They are the Companies, who provide You an Opportunity and Tools to run a Blog immediately requiring Minimum Efforts from Your Side without Any Charge.

Blog Site Providers - They are who will provide Blog Sites for you, like the vessels in the dock just waiting for shippingAs I have already mentioned it in Start A Blog From Scratch section, using WordPress Software is not the only solution for blogging. Each worthwhile site-builder has a blog section. Maybe it is not as good as the “only for this purpose developed” ones, but it could be good enough for simple blogging.
In my opinion WordPress is the King as a Stand Alone blogging software. Although it would be a very big fault from my part if I forgot about the excellent Blog Site Providers, so I took a little review.

Who are these Blog Site Providers and how to find them?

These Providers offer and provide  FREE place and tools for the beginners and the advanced bloggers, too. At advanced level you can use extra tools as well, but surely you have to pay extra fee for using them. It is not compulsory at the beginning. You can have most of the necessary themes, editors if you open a basic account with them. Let’s see what these tools and accessories are in case you want to make a contract or want to see what they are good for.

It is not my deal to make a difference among the importance of the Blog Site Providers so the list below is not a gradation only a list!

* - Blog Site ProvidersThere could be a confusion if you mention simply WordPress. and both do exist and they are not the same! Both of them are reputable companies, but while provides you high quality Blogging Service, delivers you the software you need to build a standalone blog.

What does this high quality service cover?

I would like to mention some of them:

– You can open a FREE account immediately without making any blog on their site: However I highly suggest finding and giving a name to your forthcoming blog here, because is a very popular site and it is good from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) aspect.
How can you do this: Choose a name for your blog page, and give a title for your first blog.
How will it look like?
So: Your name let it be: “mynewwppage”, the title of the blog: “My First WP Blog”, category: education. Then you will get the followings in return: “Page Name: Title: My First WP Blog. Category: Education”.

Why is it good for you? I mentioned the very high traffic on The higher the traffic is the more opportunity comes if somebody discovers your new blog. You should drop a link only leading to your existing site, blog or Facebook Fan Page (or vice-versa) and you will recognise gaining high quality backlink (quality backlinks play very important role concerning PageRank, as I have already mentioned it on my Internet Marketing Techniques – The World Of Strategies, site) at once!

Themes, Templates. There are some default, quality Themes and Templates in order to choose from them. It is your taste what you will apply. is able to monitor your blog(s) made by a WordPress software on your remote sites(s), as many as you have built there. The so-called Jetpack plug-in can establish an enganced connection between your blogs and You may examine on a daily base not only the amount and the country of the visitors, but the way where they have been “sent” from. It could be very useful information in most cases.

I have mention the NOT FREE part of the Service, too: will offer you to buy the name chosen by you. It is your decision to accept the offer. You can buy themes for your blog if you want to as well.

My suggestion: Even if you run a blog apart from, I higly recommend to make aquintance with them. Don’t hesitate to visit them if you are interested.

* - Blog Site ProvidersDon’t be surprised if you type this address in your browser and you’ll find yourself immediately by Google. This fantastic, high quality FREE Service is owned by The Biggest Search Engine. It is a very great feature, because if you open an account here you are “near the fire” at once. Being aware of this fact it is a very high responsibility to write even a single line onto your blog.
If anybody has traffic in this world, Google has it. If you want to introduce yourself it is like nude dancing in sunlight. Every single word you write down has its own importance so be careful with your topic and your composition.
Opening an accont: the simplest way of all if you have a @gmail account currently. Sign in only, and you can publish your blog. Before publishing you need to have the idea and the real content because opening a blog page means immediate publication. The tools offered are great, the service is great.
I higly recommend opening a blog with

* - Blog Site ProvidersThis company also offers you a great set of FREE features as Themes, Templates. You have to sign up on an easy way, and you are able to use the given features. The name of the page will be similar to (for example:
When you sign up you are given the choice whether you want to have a Username only or want to blog immediately. It is up to you.
The traffic is enormous on this site as well, so I highly recommend you to be at least the member, or post new posts here if you have got the relevant topic. You can gain high quality baclinks from this site.
Be careful: If you have registrated the name of your page then begin to post regurarly (at least in every 2 weeks) otherwise your page name can be expired and your content can be lost!

* - Video Site Provider - Blog Site ProvidersAlmost everybody knows YouTube (as people say: there are two groups of mankind: the first, who have already met Youtube, and the second, who will meet it). Uploading videos is FREE. If you have a @gmail account, you have obtained instant access to YouTube. The only thing to do is to choose a Username for your video channel. I assigned YouTube to this list because you may not neglect the importance of video-blogging. If you aren’t good in producing video or willing to be good at it, don’t hesitate to make your first production.
YouTube has #3 Traffic Rank in the world. Imagine the incredible high traffic day-by-day, the enormous number of visitors. If you want to be successful you must use YouTube.

* Social Site Logo - Blog Site is not specifically a Blog Service but its importance is significant. Everybody knows Facebook and the provided excellent FREE Services, but only few people know only about Facebooks’s special feature: you can create pages for yourself (as If you see the traffic of Facebook you will be able to understand how much it may mean to you to have for instance a good prepared, well introduced sales-page, advertising your product. Supposing you were able to “connect” this single page with your own site or blog (it doesn’t matter where your blog is hosted), it could be a “goldmine” and you could reach everything you wanted.
However it is very easy to open an account, the more complicated is to use it for most people. This is why it is so important to read – or even learn – the Terms And Services section, or how to use the applications, and so on. Facebook – owning #2 Traffic Rank in the world – has an extreme business potential.
If you have got the exact idea, I highly suggest you creating a page or pages and linking them to your site.

* - Blog Site ProvidersThis company has been deserved very high reputation as well. If somebody wants to get quality backlinks the first idea is to be in a very good friendship with Tumblr. The registration is an easy process and FREE. When registered you will be offered to follow some blogs, similar to Twitter where you follow people or where you may follow musicians and people as your “friends”.
If you have time and enough quantity of relevant topics don’t miss blogging with Tumblr. I highly suggest doing this.

* - Blog Site ProvidersLiveJournal is an extreme high traffic, very well structured community site with specific features. The registration is FREE, the process is the usual: user ID, password, email. You can upload your pictures, leave comments. The higher communal activity you do the higher Social Capital you have. What is it good for? Visit, and be familiar with it. It worths.
I highly recommend visiting this site too.

* - Blog Site Provider, Social Site, LogoAnoox is a very popular and great community and a social networking based search engine. They provide not only space for your blog but accept your site’s submission, and give you backlinks. An another advantage of this site is that they can send real, meat-blood visitors to your site rewarding your activity. The advertising fees are very low, so it is worth to visit the site and join the community.
I highly recommend this site. Join me on Anoox!

Conclusion and Summary: Importance of Blog Site Providers:

I wanted to give you a cross-section about these Services only and introduce some samples. I am quite sure that there are many excellent services all around the world ( do not forget your local, domestic Blog-Services! ) and they are able to fulfill your requirements in 100%. I wanted to enlighten the fact you can make your dreams come true using these Services if you think in blogging only.

And there is another important thing referring to the future:

I would like to underline the importance of social activity. Since Goggle’s Ranking process and the whole sophisticated, enhanced  mathematical spider and crawl algorithm is based upon the Content of your site AND the Personality of the Author AND the Social acceptance, the best way is to undertake our own personality with responsibility and not only to pretend that we are good guys but we have to do for this indeed.

Good Blogging!

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