Article Writing and Education

In my opinion, writing an article and submitting it to the appropriate Article Directories is the most important and exciting part of blogging. The importance of knowledge – Education also – is essential.

What is the key to your success? Education and enthusiasm.

“Knowledge Is Power.” You could have already heard this sentence several times during the passing years. Everyone has a visualiation about the matters of the world but not everybody will be able to create a “body” around it and express his opinion making e.g. an article filling it with human readable, interesting content. The more you know the better ideas you will get. Atlhough this fact itself doesn’t mean that you will be successful in writing, but you can give it a try. If we dig deeper we could see that the intention to write an article is not enough without an essential knowledge behind it.

1. How to gain the essential knowledge?

Your Article Site Of Self-Improvement And Do-It-Yourself, Screenshot - Article Writing, EducationThis is a long process. However, its duration is depending on your talent, family circumstances, educational level, certain environmental factors as friends, influences and last but not least your enthusiam. If you are open to accept new trends and ideas, recognizing and knowing their background, you have taken a big step towards becoming a writer. Self-education also can help you to obtain more and more knowledge.
The best thing is if you have a school-age child or a friend among your acquaintance because during helping with his/her studies you will get a better chance to repeat most of the subjects, remember and “revitalize” again the forgotten topics. Then you relive and resolve those problems you were faced to and this method perhaps can you show a better way.
Books, video courses and television channels can help also to supplement your existing knowledge and can contribute to your better understanding of some unknown or new approach of a given topic. To be honest, it is up to you which way you will choose.
I have made this little summary only to remind you where these “knowledge sources” can be. Furthermore, if you see the Enthusiasm part of blogging, this topic is very close to Self-Improvement And Do-It-Yourself Activity. So, I devoted a stand-alone page in order to highlight both of them better. Please visit the page clicking on the link above on this site, if you are interested.

2. Submitting your article to Article Directories

Ok, you are at the end of your writing process, and your article is waiting impatiently for the event to be published. What is next? You are right if you think it would be not enough to alarm your neighborhood about your new creation, but you should announce it to the whole world in order to give a chance for others to know about your new-born classic. This is the point where Article Directories come. They were established especially for this purpose: you can submit your article to them so you will have an opportunity to show your content to others. There are some rules you have to keep of course in order to obtain publicity. Perhaps they will review your article content, so don’t be angry if its publication is delayed sometimes.

a. What is the advantage of submitting an article to Article Directories?

You can be rewarded for your article in many ways. First of all: publicity. It means that your name will be publicly known. If your content is relevant, interesting and useful, more and more people will trust in you. Probably, they will come back to you and read your opinion, share your links or buy the products you offer.
Last but not least you will get backlinks* from the Article Directories what is definitely an important factor in the Search Engines’ eyes, because – as they think – “if people love you, we will too.” Best ranking means best SERP (SEO terminology: Search Result Pages), that is your page, link or site comes up more frequently within the first result, e.g. on the first page on Google. You know what it means very well.

*What is backlink? Backlink is a do-follow link which contains the link-address you assigned and an anchor text. E.g. you want to place a link which will lead your visitor to your site, then you write as follows: <a yoursitelink>Your Exact Site Title Or Keyword As An Anchor</a>. In this case the Search Engine will know that this link belongs to you, because it is pointed to your site, containing yoour Site Title or one of your keyword an an Anchor text. If this link contains rel=”nofollow” parameter – No Follow attribute-, then this link is not applicable for SEO purposes, it is a clickable link only. Basically a link is in do-follow status until you toggle it to nofollow.

b. What are the most important things you must take care of during submission?

First of all, you have to avoid writing duplicated content. We can speak about duplicated content if you submit the same article to different Article Directories. Google will recon it very soon, and instead of rewarding you, your position can become even worse than before. I know, creating single articles is the more time-consuming way, but it worth. If I write an article, it contains usually 500-600 words. I suggest you using a similar method, but never forget to include your link at the end of your article – never in-between on embedded in the content – in order to gain backlinks.

The second aspect is, that you should not apply bulk submissions via e.g. submission services, or submit to low quality Directories. Select always the most approtiate category for your article. If you analyze the e.g. “The secret life of Cats”, don’t submit your topic to the “Computer Software” category. On the other hand, it could be – and it is – very suspicious that you had approximately zero backlink yesterday, then you will have thousands of them tomorrow as a magic, at once. Be careful!
If you keep these additive rules, your relevant content will be rewarded by Search Engines with ranking you higher in your category for your specific keywords.

c. How to find Article Directories?

The solution is very easy. Type in your browser this keyword and you will be given millions of results. I’ll list some of them below to ease your decision and shorten your search process duration.
They are as follow (it doesn’t contain the full list!): as an Article Directory - Article Writing, Education[PR7] To be honest, Squidoo is definitely my favorite. I have never felt such confidence, happiness, though like on its site. Believe me, joining Squidoo was a good and wise decision. I recommend opening an account immediately – if you haven’t done it yet -, and you will see what I am talking about. That’s all about my personal experiences (see my lenses here, if you are interested).
However, Squidoo offers more services than only Article Submission, its importance is unchallenged in this category, too. Its editor team is very strict: If you create a “lens” (lens means a separate page with unique address and content), they will check the originality of your lens’ content immediately. If they find your content duplicated – or too commercial, containing tens of affiliate links -, your content will be rejected very soon. This is why Squidoo has achieved so high respect level in the eyes of Search Engines as an Authority Website. As an additive advantage, your relevant content will be published immediately and your backlink from Squidoo will appear within a week or less. You may place Do-Follow links anywhere in your article. - Article Directory - Article Writing, Education[PR6] It is very easy to open an account by EzineArticles, and it worth. The Directory has been working on the Internet for more than ten years, so it is highly respected and reliable. This is the reason why most marketers consider it the best Article Directory of the Net. The article submission is simple, but you have to keep the same rules that I have already mentioned above, because they also have an expert Team which reviews and passes judgement about your content. So, your article must be a relevant, unique one, nor a duplicated or a worthless pallet of words stuffed with useless affiliate links about nothing. Once again, quality is a high standard here. has set up various levels to guarantee the high quality of the published articles, so initially you may write only 10 articles, mainly about educational topics. After qualification you will get the chance to submit more, and may get Diamond, or even Platinum status, it is up to you. There are very high standards, but you will be rewarded with quality traffic in return. EzineArticles allows you to attach 2 Do-Follow links to your article. - Article Directory, Logo - Article Writing, Education[PR6] After opening an account, you may work immediately. On GoArticles site you are allowed to submit your article using an automated submission process without team review. However, it is useful to read through the its guidelines. The submitted article will appear the next day. If you authorize, it will send a Tweet to your Twitter account whenever you publish something new. You may place 2 Do-Follow links in your article. - Article Directory, Logo - Article Writing, Education[PR5]You can create an account applying the traditional way, or using your existing Facebook account. Triond has an excellent conception: when you submit your article, it will appear on other websites which belong to Triond (ranking PR4-PR5). Along this way, you may obtain more publicity, and more backlinks to your site.  Its other advantage that you may even monetize your article if you use AdSense or other methods, e.g. contextual advertising. Triond allows you to put Do-Follow links in your content.
I suggest you giving a try, because it is very interesting and easy-to-use.

The list is not complete because I designated only my favorites here. Hopefully, I could collect the most relevant ones, so you have got nothing to search. Although, if you feel so that something is missing, please search for more Article Directories on the Internet and choose from them.

I hope I could help you with these ideas about article writing and education and how to use your knowledge for this purpose.

Thank you for reading my article! Good luck out there!

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