About me.

You might ask me: how on Earth an electrical engineer becomes an internet marketer? That’s me.

I’ll describe it below if you are really interested. Don’t be angry if it is boring sometimes.

The answer is very simple: I like to deal with this topic. It is a very interesting and exciting one. The world is moving, so we are changing day-by-day. What does it mean? Ever-changing challenge.

Solar Cells - The Alternative Energy - The Best Way To A Better Healthy Future - About MeI am an electric engineer and I am facing new challenges in my profession too. I used to design, install and govern the installation of electric alarm and video surveillance systems. Digital technology is everywhere. This profession is great because of the constant neverending development. It is a kind of revolution in the world of technology. You have to be prepared to be to able to follow the new trends and get to know the new devices. I have been daling with solar technology for a couple of years – I am interested in this topic today as well -, because I consider it as the right way to a better healthy future. This is why I’ve built an entire site around is topic, http://Solar EnergyUtilization.com.

But it was not enough for me. Regarding the fact I install computer hardwares from time to time, different kinds of user-specific softwares and applications. Once I discovered how interesting the world of internet could be. And I began to learn again.
To be honest I had to learn a lot. Everthing that you can imagine. First of all English. There is a special knowledge besides the technical and everyday terms called marketing language, not to mention the various programming languages from HTML to Pearl.

When I was a beginner engineer – in the middle of the 80’s – a so-called “computer” was a large “product”. Average 16K(!) “built-in” memory in the new “high-tech monsters”, punch card, NO HDD, no reliability (you had to change its electric parts, complete circuit boards almost every hour of a day in order to keep the whole cupboard alive!). Only NASA had 286 based computer – as an official computer – while we were forced to play Super Mario on our Commodore64 (64kByte).
Nowadays nobody believes this history only the people who have tried out how “easy” it is to build a simple e.g. monostable multivibrator from discrete elements as transistors, resistors, capacitors. Thanks God it is really a history. When I took my degree from electric engineering my task was to design a Z80 processor based controller – and regulator – for a big 30KW DC motor with rev and current-regulation. Assembly language, 2×1 Kbyte (memory), very cool(!) – high 16Mhz – clock frequency, Triacs, transistors, RC elements, coils, A/D converters, own designed and hand made integrated circuit boards – that was it. But I enjoyed developing and installing such kind of technology. That was given and you had to obtain the best from these parts.

Nowadays’ technology follows a very high standard. 95% of people don’t even understand what happens here I’m convinced. iPod, Android, Windows, new softwares every day, applications, the need of your presence everywhere – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, MySpace -, friends and tons of messages (sometimes about nothing): where is the limit?

Are you able to cope with this Niagara Fall of information?

The answer: more or less, Yes.

It is never too early to begin - Our Kid and the computer - A picture from 2004 - About MeThanks God, I have got the chance of measuring the changes observing my kid’s activity. In the Secondary School it is basic to learn HTML, advanced mathematical approach of the problems, so – being a parent – I am forced to maintain my knowledge day-by-day. It is very awesome, because – following this way – I’ll be aware of nowadays’ demands and challenges. And this kind of brain-storming keeps me fit not only mentally but from physical aspects, too.

I have decided sharing this information with you. Not only for the profit I possibly could make out of my activity but I really want to help other people how to avoid the misleading traps I have fallen into. I would like to show you a better way with a less “bitter cup” in order to make you see the “bright side of life” earlier and provide a good opportunity to find the way and to enjoy the fruit of your work as soon as possible.
This is why I have decided to operate a Blog Club, as I call it HCMBlog Club. I would like to help you to learn showing this way.
And, there is something you must know before beginning: without learning you will not be able to cope with the difficulties you could be faced.

Some say, that it is possible to reach good results without knowledge. I have got an idea that I want to share with you if you are interested.   

There are very profitable programs advertised on the Internet where you will be able to earn money without any knowledge.
Once I was asked about the alternatives, I mean blogging and other methods in order to earn quick money. I have witten an article about it on Livejournal.com with the title as “Nowadays’ Trends On The Internet Referring To Blogging And Other Activities“. Some ideas are similar to it, but I would like to give you a newer approach here.

I know some sites where you were promised you may earn big money with little efforts. But how? Have you ever examined what was behind the courtains? I have done it. Personally. I was very curious how on Earth you can make money without knowledge.
The results are as follows.
To be honest, I somehow respect the owners of these sites. Why? Because they own the necessary knowledge how to help people and to sell their products in the meantime. I have mentioned KNOWLEDGE, this was not a coincidence.
The method these businessmen show on their websites and in the accompanied videos is a “not for the the public immediately” topic, and the way they do is their business and secret. It is not my deal to explain their methods, and I am not authorized to this, too. The methods of earning “easy money” they introduce could be very good deals if you have the knowledge and some assets accompanied to it. Knowledge, to know what to sell, where, when and whom to sell it. It is called: Well Selected Niche and “laser Targeted Customers”. Summarizing these methods and the facts: if you are in the right place in the right time, you almost can’t avoid to become the following winner.

Are there methods I dislike?

Yes, there are. For instance: It is not true that you can get immediate huge bucks without anything! Remember, if you have done it at least once, or met with this kind of offer: “You need to enter only your e-mail address to get your Free Product” (free? diguised to be free only!). After a while it will turn out that you would need these and those ingredients to add in order to be successfully wealthy immediately, at once, without anything as others have already done before you. Throw off the disguise! You want to buy nothing basically but after awakening you’ll recognize that you have already bought the whole forest.
Honestly, I am very suspicious with the free offers and a bit tired of them. I don’t trust them. In my opinion, if I want to buy something I’ll spare money for it and after having everything together I’ll buy it. But I’ll count with the price. Nothing on this Earth is free, you know this from your previous experiences, I think so. Why would give me anybody anything for free? For my “beatiful eyes”? It is not enough!
If I meet this kind of marketing policy, I am getting angry a bit. I definitely hate the messages in my e-mail box as (some citations from the real world): “Beta Testers Needed; Congrats, you’ll receive $200 today; Admin message; RE: Your Clickbank account; Free software for instant download; You are too late to act” or others. Some say it is the part of the marketing and woks well. Perhaps, but not by me!

Let’s wheel back to our topic: knowledge.

What if you begin without he necessary knowledge? As it has been announced by the reliable research companies, only 5 online entrepreneurs reach the wished results from 100! In opinion, blogging can be the first ingredient to gain the necessary knowledge and the ability to select from the many tools and how-to-s. If you have already known how to create a blog, how to write HTML or even PHP scripts, who your competitors are and you have composed an excellent content you “will be judged” to be the winner along this way. You will win even if you don’t sell anything because you will extend your exprerience and knowledge during your creative activity. Never give up blogging and find other “knowledge fountains” along your way. Try out all methods if it is possible but avoid spending too much assets meanwhile. Try for supplementing the possibly lacking assets with your knowledge and trust yourself at all!

If you are reading these lines you are surely through my article and you have survived the caused shocks.

I hope you enjoyed my description about myself, and my opinion about the world. Truthfulness is the only way which takes us forward.

Thank you for reading!

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